The Elephant and The Mouse

For anyone interested in media, a useful way to spend a few hours is switching among TV channels to monitor the different interpretations of the tragic events unfolding in Gaza. For what it’s worth, BBC presents the most carefully balanced coverage for its viewers. For the others …no surprises.

One disappointment with the BBC was that, although Hamas is the democratically elected government in the Occupied Territory of Palestine they still call it a “terrorist organization”.True, there is a wing of Hamas, and no doubt unofficial fighters as well, that continue, and will continue, to fight the occupation on political principle. The same way there are factions of the US Government/Military that fight “enemies of democracy” around the world – but the US doesn’t get labeled a terrorist government.

Gaza November 15th
Here’s what Gaza is looking like right now – and more bombing, both ways, will follow. Along with the threat of a land invasion, announced by Israel’s Military Chief at noon today.

I’m leaving Cairo tomorrow – I’ve been told by the Department of Palestine Affairs that I will not be allowed to enter Gaza as the dangers are very real and no area of the city is safe. A BBC reporter living in one of the “safe areas” with a white cross painted on top of the building to indicate “Internationals” living there, lost his very young son – I’m putting the photo here because this hell is going on – on both sides – and the fear is that a second wave of attacks will follow that will bring more pain to a territory already living under terrible conditions. Read the UN Report on Gaza in 2020 and weep for these people. When Cast Lead happened in 2008 – over 1400 Palestinians were killed and 13 Israelis were killed. Gaza’s water system was destroyed and thousands of homes were destroyed and schools were shut for two years.



The Elephant and the Mouse


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